Website Customer Information Privacy Policy

"QBE" refers to QBE, a Delaware corporation ("QBE") and the active companies owned or controlled by QBE. These companies are QBE Insurance Agency, Inc., a California corporation, and QBE Property Tax Solutions, Inc. a Delaware corporation, QBE Enterprises, and Westwood Insurance Agency. QBE Insurance Agency, Inc. is regulated by the insurance departments of the various states due to its status as managing agent, managing general agency or program manager for its various affiliated and non-affiliated insurance companies. 

QBE respects the privacy of its customers and is committed to protecting customer information on its Web sites with the same care employed for all QBE transactions.

QBE does not automatically collect personal information from visitors to its Web sites. Some QBE Web sites employ cookies, which are small pieces of information that a Web site stores on a visitor's Web browser to remind the site about the visitor the next time the site is visited. QBE does not store confidential or sensitive information in cookies. QBE uses cookies to enhance our customers' online session by making navigation easier. For certain applications, such as those related to our single system hazard outsourcing solution and our personal lines underwriting site, cookies are a requirement because they help protect the privacy of a customer's transactions by, for example, automatically terminating the online session if the customer forgets to log out.

Cookies cannot be used to capture e-mail addresses, obtain data from hard drives or gain confidential or sensitive information about site visitors. Additionally, cookies cannot be read by any Web site other than the one that set the cookie. However, some Web sites use cookies to obtain information from the site visitor's browser.

QBE customer information privacy principles

As financial services professionals entrusted with sensitive information, we respect the privacy of our customers and are committed to treating customer information responsibly. Our Customer Information Privacy Principles serve as standards for all QBE employees for collection, use, retention, and security of individual customer information.

QBE collects and retains only customer information that is needed

We limit the amount and type of customer information we collect and retain to that which is required to establish and manage customer relationships, understand customer needs, provide customer services, offer new products and services, and comply with legal and regulatory requirements. Examples of information collected include the following:

  • Property Information: Includes mailing address, property address, square footage, year built, underwriting inspection reports, claims history reports, independent claims adjustment reports, and other miscellaneous underwriting information.
  • Insurance Information: Includes carrier and agent name, policy number, policy inception and expiration dates, premium amount, premium due date, policy amount, coverage amounts and types, loss payee/mortgagee and additional insured, and covered property address.
  • Loan Information: Includes loan number, loan inception date, principal balance, escrow account number, escrow account balance, mortgagor name and address, mortgagor phone number, and credit reports.

Note: Other information collected and maintained by QBE's property tax application, QBE TaxSource, includes real estate tax parcel, billing, and payment information from taxing authorities throughout the United States. All such information is available to the public, and as such, all information gathered and maintained is "publicly-available information," and thus exempted from the purview of privacy legislation.

QBE employees are responsible for customer information protection

We limit employee access to customer information to those employees with a legitimate business need for the information. We have policies, procedures, employee orientation, and communication programs designed for the protection of customer information. It is the responsibility of each QBE employee to comply with our Customer Information Privacy Principles policies and procedures. Failure to comply subjects our employees to disciplinary action.

QBE limits the internal disclosure of customer information

We share non-transactional personal information, such as applications, insurance underwriting and claims information, and real estate tax information among affiliated and non-affiliated insurance companies and local taxing jurisdictions.

QBE limits the external disclosure of customer information

We do not disclose customer information outside the QBE companies, except:

We may share your personal information only with authorized employees and with vendors, such as medical exam providers, insurance agents and claims administrators whose services are required to assure the highest level of service to you, as well as affiliates of QBE as applicable as permitted by law. We reserve the right to disclose your information to these employees and vendors without your authorization as applicable as permitted by law.

We will not disclose any non-public personal financial information about our customers to others, except as authorized by law or as described in this Privacy Policy.

We may also enter into joint marketing agreements with other reputable financial institutions in order to bring additional products and services to your attention. We may disclose all of the financial information we collect as described above to individuals or companies that perform marketing services on our behalf, or to other financial institutions with whom we have joint marketing arrangements. We will choose these partners carefully and hold them to our own standards of respect for your privacy. We also may share your financial information:

  • when we suspect fraud or are otherwise required or permitted to do so by law or regulation,
  • when a customer requests or gives us permission to do so.

QBE provides security safeguards to protect customer information

We use advanced technology and information management techniques to implement security, audit, and control programs designed to protect customer information.

QBE protects customer information on our Web sites

We protect the privacy of customer information sent to and from our Web sites. In addition to the security and privacy standards that are applied to transactions, we also use specific controls designed to identify and authenticate all our online customers and prevent and detect unauthorized access to our websites.